The Challenge of Creating Challenging Gameplay

Time to make things 𝖽̶𝖺̶𝗇̶𝗀̶𝖾̶𝗋̶𝗈̶𝗎̶𝗌̶ fun for the player.

In the 2D shooter game we’re making in Unity we just got finished adding a whole bunch of new abilities and powers to the player. Compared to the enemy, well…

Perhaps the player is too powerful. Let’s remedy that.

This series is going to be a bit longer than the previous four-part series. Over the next several articles I’ll go over all the ways I am adding and expanding upon the Enemy class, culminating in a guns-a-blazing multi-stage boss battle.

Specifically, the next features will include:

  • A new sinusoidal weaving movement style for our enemy, to make some of them harder to hit.
  • A wave system that will create endlessly increasing numbers of enemies each wave, with proportional balancing to make certain enemies and powerups more rare than others.
  • A speed debuff pickup, made to trick the player into hobbling themselves.
  • A new type of enemy that can teleport about the screen, shoot black hole projectiles at the player, and teleport out of the way of player shots.
  • A new type of enemy that detects when the player is near and accelerates to ramming speed.
  • The ability for some enemies to shoot behind them at the player.
  • The ability for enemies to shoot powerups before the player can grab them.
  • A couple of new abilities for the player, because at this point I think we’ll need them. We’ll add a tractor button that can reel in powerups before they get shot by the baddies, and a new EMP Pulse weapon type that clears most of the screen of enemies.
  • A final boss encounter, broken up over three stages with changing behavior and look at each stage.

Also, since were introducing a lot of new enemy types, I’m going update the graphics to a modular sprite set by EVPO Games. Here’s a small tease of what that will look like:

In the next article I’ll add one of our new enemies, and we’ll go over the wave system.

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