Progress Update: 2.5D Platformer in Unity

Here’s what’s ahead for this next article series

So far, in our 2.5D journey I’ve developed a number of systems to help the player move around the world in interesting ways. We have collectible objects to add reward to the risk of there… not being any… ground. Down there. We also made moving platforms and elevators, wall-jumping, and pushing objects around with Rigidbody physics.

The next arc of articles will focus on adding a 3D player character with animations and a new climbing ability. As well, I’ll adapt our existing mechanics to match the new setup.

Here’s a full list of what’s to come and what I hope to learn in the process:

  • Setting up 3D character animations and scripting the appropriate triggers for each animation state in C#.

Wow. That’s plenty.

We’ll pick right up tomorrow with setting up our player and animating them.

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