Progress Report: Wrapping Up the 2.5D Platformer Prototype

Features complete — now it’s time for polish!

Today, I’m wrapping up the last little features in my Unity 2.5D platformer and preparing to transition them to a more fully realized level.

It’s hard to believe I did most of this work without a follow cam. Oh, well, time to get it in there now.

I’ll start by adding a Cinemachine Brain component to my main camera and creating a new Cinemachine virtual camera. There’s a handy little spot in the virtual camera to drag the player, labeled “Follow.”

That’s all we need. I set the y-rotation to -90 to get a side view. Now, the camera will stick to us. Using the Framing Transposer body will give a little natural motion to the camera as it follows. Looks nice.

We have two more animations to add to our already packed animator: jumping in place, and rolling.

Jumping in place is super simple. If our speed is zero when the jump key is pressed we trigger a different animation for jumping. No problem.

Rolling requires a little bit more thought. I need a new input key, and I also need to change the size of the character’s collider before and after the animation. For this we’ll need another animation behavior script.

For the input, I’ll use the following:

if the left shift is pressed && controller velocity is not zero
… set the animator’s “Roll” trigger
…controller height = 1.25
…controller center y = .62

The center of the collider also needs to change, so the character doesn’t dip into the ground as the animations transition back to standing/running.

I’ll add an animation behavior script (not shown) that refers to the Player’s RollComplete() method (below). It resets the controller size to its original values (which I stored in variables in the Start() method).

I’ve downloaded my environment package, and adapted it to include my mechanics. Let’s see how it looks.

My gravity may be set to accelerate a /bit/ too quickly…

Hey, look at that — everything works.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about my progress so far in the 60 days since I started this blog.

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